An electric bike (e-bike for short) is more or less a regular bike with the addition of a motor to assist your progress.
The more complicated answer is that it is a hybrid form of transport meaning part of the power comes from the rider (exactly how much is up to you) and part of it from the motor. This applies up to around 15.5mph which is the current legal limit for electric assistance. Once you are pedalling beyond that speed the motor will not assist you. 
You might also hear e-bikes called pedelecs. This is simply another name for e-bikes where the power is activated on pedalling instead of by throttle. The vast majority of today’s e-bikes are pedelecs – so clearly they are not really similar to mopeds or motorbikes as you must pedal to activate the motor (added to which, e-bike motors are much less powerful than moped motors).

The benefits of E-Bikes are clear to see....

  • Health - If you have a recurrent injury or illness e-bikes may help you keep cycling through it, rather than having to give up pedalling completely.

  • Economise - E-bikes fill the gap between journeys short enough for walking or non-powered cycling and longer trips where a train or car may be necessary.

  • Commuting - You could get to and from work faster on an e-bike and convert commuting into leisure time.

  • Environmental Benefit -They can be a viable replacement for a second car with all the environmental, financial and other benefits that this entails.

  • Safety - E-bike riders often say they feel safer in traffic than when riding a non-powered bike, as the extra acceleration and speed up hills mean the speed of other passing vehicles is less than it otherwise would be. The quick acceleration off the mark also means you can clear stationary traffic more quickly.

  • Power Benefits - You can carry heavier loads more easily than with a regular bike, so many shopping trips and the school run might now be a possibility with an e-bike.

  • Exercise - You still get exercise – it’s not cheating! Many studies have shown that e-bikers get plenty of very beneficial aerobic exercise. The vast majority of e-bikes have power level settings on the handlebar controls that let you dial down the power if you want more exercise, or turn it up if in need of more assistance. Some even have a display linkable by Bluetooth to a heart rate monitor, to display your heart rate and calories burned. 

  • Plus....They are great fun to ride!

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